• Development of patient-reported outcomes and patient preference measures

  • Expert advice on effective use of validated and reliable measures.

  • We ensure outcomes provide clarity of functionality, patient interaction with devices for optimal usage and better psychosocial functioning and quality of life.

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Leading clinical trials and other research to assess quality of life and patient-reported outcomes of therapies, devices and novel interventions

  • We employ rigorous and robust qualitative and quantitative methodologies

  • We provide high quality tailored research services and health psychology expertise

  • We lead psychosocial investigation in clinical trials to complement biomedical and safety outcomes


New and higher regulatory standards have led to human factors and patient-reported outcome gaps in product submission

  • Provide high quality tailored human factors assessment and research services in evidence submissions, patient preference outcomes and patient engagement

  • Ensure assessments span age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status and health literacy using validated and reliable measures

  • Ensure outcomes provide clarity of functionality, patient interaction with devices for optimal usage and better psychosocial functioning and quality of life

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Participating in…

  • Research advisory boards

  • Industry advisory boards

  • Clinical research funding boards

  • Expert advisor


Community and individual approach to preventing diseases, improving quality of life and reducing social inequalities. 
Professor Katharine Barnard-Kelly PhD, Practitioner Psychologist (HCPC Registration: PYL02075)

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Professor Katharine Barnard  PhD, Chartered Health Psychologist, specializes in human factors assessment and the psychosocial impact of disease. She has a longstanding research interest in human factors, patient engagement and quality of life assessment. Her extensive evidence-based, theory-driven research portfolio has provided valuable insights into factors contributing to therapy choice, technology uptake and quality of life; behavioural interventions and the far-reaching impact of disability and disease on individuals and their family members.

Prof Barnard is currently leading on human factors assessment, patient preference, trade-offs and psychosocial assessment of diabetes technologies; she is an Expert Adviser to NICE; a close collaborator with the FDA and is the UK psychological lead on research to enhance patient engagement, optimised self-management heath behaviours, device functionality and human interaction thereof.


Diabetes Technological Revolution: Winners and Losers?


Professor Barnard has collaborated and consulted with the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies (including Animas Corp, LifeScan Inc, & the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute) over the past several years, working specifically with us as an Expert Key Opinion Leader, as a keynote speaker at international scientific and professional education events and in a research capacity. A member of our Animas Academy scientific advisory board, Professor Barnard provides diabetes-related specialist advice, making a valuable contribution to the team. Her knowledge and experience in de-mystifying the complex area of psychological interventions and psychosocial aspects of diabetes as a chronic disease has been invaluable to my team.

Brian Levy MD, FACE
Chief Medical Officer - Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care

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KALMOD Behaviours For Health provides a novel, individually tailored health service to improve patient empowerment, quality of life and improved disease self-management.

The underpinning Kaleidoscope Model of Care is unique. It is a holistic, wide-reaching model that addresses all aspects of living with chronic conditions to improve outcomes.

  • Provides an easy-to-use package of care for each person and their healthcare professional designed to meet their individual needs, streamlining healthcare processes and challenging current boundaries and norms of operation.

  • Streamlines healthcare delivery in consultations, without extending consultation time.

  • Facilitates more focused, productive consultations for people with diabetes and healthcare professionals to ensure each are able to achieve their own targets.

  • Removes the pressure from healthcare professionals to provide ‘the’ answer without really understanding personal barriers to self-management.

  • Removes pressure to conform to treatment that may not fit with individuals’ preferences and circumstances.

  • Identifies person and treatment options/medical devices to be aligned for best long-term, sustainable usage

  • Is scalable, modifiable to other chronic health conditions, adaptable to different languages, easily updatable to meet new care pathways and at minimum cost.

  • Significantly improves the healthcare experience, improves outcomes and reduces the risks of long-term complications by engaging patients in a holistic assessment, with responsibility for self-management with the patient and responsibility for the process and delivery of best practice healthcare with healthcare professionals.



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