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Human Factors & Behaviours for Health

Translating Clinical Research into Quality of Life


Barnard Health Research Limited is a Health Psychology Research company, providing expertise in public health, disease prevention and specific health areas and chronic conditions.  These include, but are not limited to, diabetes (Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes); oncology; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); HIV; obesity and women’s health.

We are able to provide specialist services, having a unique understanding of the impact of disease and its management on those living with the condition and are able to translate this expertise into practical advice and support for healthcare providers, healthcare teams and industry clients to best meet the needs of key stakeholders.


  • Clinical Research Expertise – patient reported outcome measures; psychosocial measures and quality of life evaluationHigh quality specialist training for healthcare professionals

  • Expert advice on clinical guidelines; health policy; implementation of psychological interventions; training materials

  • Analysis, interpretation and reporting of patient reported outcome data

  • Literature reviews and evidence syntheses

  • Design and development of patient reported outcome measures (including adaptation and cognitive debriefing of existing measures)

  • Training and Development for healthcare professionals, including strategic planning, service development and collaboration with key stakeholders to deliver high quality and tailored training

  • Quantitative and qualitative research methodology to suit specific client needs

Our Objectives

  • To provide high-quality research services to support optimal biomedical and psychosocial outcomes in clinical and applied research

  • To translate our research findings into  improving the healthcare experience for people living with disabilities and chronic conditions

  • To conduct research and training that supports patient empowerment and arms individuals with the relevant knowledge and tools to optimise self-management and healthcare access

  • Conduct review of current process and provide evidence-based, theory driven assessment via rigorous and robust research, publishable in high-quality peer-reviewed medical journals providing unrivalled credibility




New and higher regulatory standards have led to human factors and patient-reported outcome gaps in product submission

  • Provide high quality tailored human factors assessment and research services in evidence submissions, patient preference outcomes and patient engagement

  • Ensure assessments span age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status and health literacy using validated and reliable measures

  • Ensure outcomes provide clarity of functionality, patient interaction with devices for optimal usage and better psychosocial functioning and quality of life


Leading clinical trials and other research to assess quality of life and patient-reported outcomes of therapies, devices and novel interventions

  • We employ rigorous and robust qualitative and quantitative methodologies

  • We provide high quality tailored research services and health psychology expertise

  • We lead psychosocial investigation in clinical trials to complement biomedical and safety outcomes


  • Development of patient-reported outcomes and patient preference measures

  • Expert advice on effective use of validated and reliable measures.

  • We ensure outcomes provide clarity of functionality, patient interaction with devices for optimal usage and better psychosocial functioning and quality of life.


Participating in…

  • Research advisory boards

  • Industry advisory boards

  • Clinical research funding boards

  • Expert media advice



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Professor Katharine Barnard  PhD, Chartered Health Psychologist, specializes in human factors assessment and the psychosocial impact of disease. She has a longstanding research interest in human factors, patient engagement and quality of life assessment. Her extensive evidence-based, theory-driven research portfolio has provided valuable insights into factors contributing to therapy choice, technology uptake and quality of life; behavioural interventions and the far-reaching impact of disability and disease on individuals and their family members.

Prof Barnard is currently leading on human factors assessment, patient preference, trade-offs and psychosocial assessment of diabetes technologies; she is an Expert Adviser to NICE; a close collaborator with the FDA and is the UK psychological lead on research to enhance patient engagement, optimised self-management heath behaviours, device functionality and human interaction thereof.



Most Cited

Professor Katharine Barnard has published over two hundred articles which between them have been cited over two thousand five hundred times since 2013. Find Prof Barnard on Google Scholar

Published 2006

The prevalence of co‐morbid depression in adults with Type 1 diabetes: systematic literature review

Cited 280 times


Professor Barnard has collaborated and consulted with the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies (including Animas Corp, LifeScan Inc, & the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute) over the past several years, working specifically with us as an Expert Key Opinion Leader, as a keynote speaker at international scientific and professional education events and in a research capacity. A member of our Animas Academy scientific advisory board, Professor Barnard provides diabetes-related specialist advice, making a valuable contribution to the team. Her knowledge and experience in de-mystifying the complex area of psychological interventions and psychosocial aspects of diabetes as a chronic disease has been invaluable to my team.

Brian Levy MD, FACE
Chief Medical Officer - Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care

Valued Partnerships



KALMOD Community Interest Company is the non-profit arm of Barnard Health Limited.  The primary purpose is to serve the community of those who support individuals with disabilities and chronic conditions. Established to ring-fence profits from KALMOD Intervention tool to be used on good causes and reinvested into the community.



Copyright © 2017 Katharine Barnard all intellectual property rights reserved

KALMOD Behaviours For Health provides a novel, individually tailored health service to improve patient empowerment, quality of life and improved disease self-management.

The underpinning Kaleidoscope Model of Care is unique. It is a holistic, wide-reaching model that addresses all aspects of living with chronic conditions to improve outcomes.

  • Provides an easy-to-use package of care for each person and their healthcare professional designed to meet their individual needs, streamlining healthcare processes and challenging current boundaries and norms of operation.

  • Streamlines healthcare delivery in consultations, without extending consultation time.

  • Facilitates more focused, productive consultations for people with diabetes and healthcare professionals to ensure each are able to achieve their own targets.

  • Removes the pressure from healthcare professionals to provide ‘the’ answer without really understanding personal barriers to self-management.

  • Removes pressure to conform to treatment that may not fit with individuals’ preferences and circumstances.

  • Identifies person and treatment options/medical devices to be aligned for best long-term, sustainable usage

  • Is scalable, modifiable to other chronic health conditions, adaptable to different languages, easily updatable to meet new care pathways and at minimum cost.

  • Significantly improves the healthcare experience, improves outcomes and reduces the risks of long-term complications by engaging patients in a holistic assessment, with responsibility for self-management with the patient and responsibility for the process and delivery of best practice healthcare with healthcare professionals.



Be part of diabetes research; an opportunity to get involved!

Here at Barnard Health, we are creating a brand new database of diabetes research! Taking part in research gives you the opportunity to have your voice heard, whether you are a person living with diabetes, a partner or parent of someone with diabetes, or a health care professional working in diabetes care we would like to hear from you!

By becoming part of our research database, the details that you provide (such as type of diabetes, or location) will be used to see if you are eligible to participate in any research that we are recruiting for. Opportunities to participate do vary throughout the year, but by being on our database, you will be the first to know about opportunities to take part in research.

Once you are on our database, if you are matched up to any current research study we will invite you to hear more about Hive your research in question. Participation is entirely up to you and if you are interested in taking part then we will provide you with more information about the research. You will be required to give written informed consent before any research takes place.

There are a number of ways to get involved in research, you can:

  • Take part in a questionnaire or survey

  • Give your opinion in an interview or focus group

  • Acting as a lay advisor alongside research teams

  • Contributing to research design

Participation rates vary but we pay up to £100 a day for your involvement


We would like to know more about the sexual health of men with diabetes so that we are able to develop resources to provide appropriate support and inform the provision of specialist advice in clinical services. To this end, we would very much appreciate your help in completing this brief survey. 

Sexual health issues remain a neglected area of study in clinical medicine, but they also have an important impact on psychological well-being, self-image and relationships.  

The following questions will ask you about your diabetes and different areas of sexual and relationships. The answers you provide are very useful to us, but more importantly, we do not want it to cause an embarrassment or discomfort. If any of the questions make you feel uncomfortable, please skip them if you prefer.

Thank you very much for taking the time to help us with this survey, it is very much appreciated.


Here at BHR, in collaboration with JDRF, DiabetesSisters and Stanford University, we are running a survey on sexual health and would very much appreciate your help. Our research to date has shown us that sexual health issues affect three quarters of women with diabetes, physically and emotionally. Please help us to develop resources to help. 

We would like to know more about the sexual health of women with diabetes so that we can develop resources to support women. The working definition of the World Health Organization on sexual health is: “Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity. Sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination and violence.” We consider sexual health as it relates to diabetes to also include things specific to diabetes such as loss of desire, lack of lubrication or difficulty reaching orgasm as well as potential impact on self-esteem, feelings of attractiveness, loneliness or isolation or having an impact on relationships.

Please answer the questions below as openly as you can. Your answers are confidential and will be deidentified.  The deidentified answers you provide will be aggregated and used to help inform healthcare professionals (HCPs) about the needs of women with diabetes around sexual health.  If any of the questions make you feel uncomfortable, please skip over them if you prefer not to answer; we do not want to cause any embarrassment or discomfort.

If you would like to contact the principal investigator, Professor Katharine Barnard PhD CPsychol AFBPsS, please contact her on: katharinebarnard@bhrltd.com